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forever recepten

For my swedish readers, i encourage you to go to and sign in using Facebook to see your recommendations (or if you don't use facebook you could also check out the public pages for evenemang Stockholm, evenemang Göteborg, evenemang Malmö, evenemang Uppsala or some other. For non swedish readers, i hope to be able to release an international version (in english) of the site before the end of the year! Comments may 28, 2014 tags: hackathon, releasing-new-website, web, tldr : Speed read this Last month, i was at Hackaway #1 - an amazing Hackathon at a secret location, which ended up being a lovely island in the Stockholm archipelago. At this hackathon, i built - a tool for speed reading. It works by displaying the words serially, one word at a time, at the same position. When reading a text normally, for every word, there's a short moment when your eyes are seeking for a certain position, while your brain is not processing words from the sentence.

Please go ahead and try out the service. I'd love to hear what you think! Comments december 02, 2014 tags: heyevent, releasing-new-website, web, about a week ago, i released a new website afvallen called. It's a website that helps you discover events. Hejevent builds on top of Facebook events, which is nice since so many public baby events already exist on Facebook, it means that i already have the most comprehensive guide to events in Sweden. However, the real power from basing the site on top of Facebook data comes from the ability to recommend events in the future, based on what events you have been to in the past. I've spent a large part of the development time to program and fine-tune a recommendation algorithm, using collaborative filtering, to calculate great personal event recommendations for Hejevent's users. I'm very pleased with the high quality of the recommendations, which actually turned out even better than I thought from the beginning. The site is built using Python, Django and Celery. As data store i use postgresql, redis as Celery backend, and Memcached for caching.

forever recepten
upcoming week. Find out what's happening in your city or neighbourhood Anyone (both members and non-members) can check out everything that's happening in a certain place. For example, check out upcoming events in Stockholm, new York, london, oslo, brooklyn or perhaps Mitte, berlin. Similar events In addition to provide recommendations, for each event, my recommendation algorithm also calculates events that are similar. The similar events are shown on each event page below the description, and it's actually a quite nice way to discover interesting events as well (in addition to the recommendations). Liking events Users can "like" events on heyevent in order to teach the system what stuff they're into, in order to further improve the recommendations. Events that are liked are also collected under the "my events" page. Search for events heyevent also provides the ability to search for upcoming, as well as past, events. One can search in both titles and description texts.
forever recepten

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Log awk 'print 1' sort uniq -c sort -n. Can be useful to see who is crawling your website. The tail's -n parameter specifies how many of the last rows to look at, and can of course be tweaked. Comments, december 15, 2014, tAGS: heyevent, releasing-new-website, web, recently i released, a swedish website for finding kruidvat local events, which i also blogged about. Today, i'm very happy to announce that I'm releasing two new websites. First, m which is now available for anyone in the whole world who wants to get recommendations on interesting local events. I'm also releasing, which should be the ultimate event guide for Germany. As I wrote in my previous blog post, i use collaborative filtering to calculate recommendations based on events that the user has attended before. Here's an overview of the features that heyevent provide: Recommendations At the core of the service are personalised recommendations.

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forever recepten

"Both died within minutes." I pointed again and jane led. "Carmen's still alive." I called my sisters on my cell as I drove and told them to get over to my house fast. "Can you tell what kind of working it's been set up to support?" i asked her. " Blood follows blood." Before she spoke the last word, she lifted her other hand from Tom's soft fur that none of this magic should fall to him. "Cat got your tongue?" I laughed with her then, for several reasons, only one of which was that Jane's rare laugh was contagious.

"Children, what do we say to ginger?" "We see for you they chorused unevenly. "Come out Andy said. "And I'm getting pretty tempted to give your nasty little groin a kick." "Blood he reminded me, and then leaned over and licked up the side of my neck. "And that would be partly my fault. "Department of Alcohol, tobacco, and Firearms, ma'am i said in my official's voice, which is like green my voice only deeper and more pompous. "Ayurveda" kan derhalve vertaald worden als "kennis of wetenschap van het leven". "Can I see that id again?" he asked.

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forever recepten

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April 09, 2015, tAGS: releasing-new-website, web, this week, me and, ted Valentin afslankgel released a couple of new websites for finding nice. We currently have websites that covers b bs in cities like. Amsterdam, cape town, dublin, gotland, new York, brighton, london, and, paris. We're planning to release more places in the future. Ted has written more about the sites, in swedish, on his blog. Comments, march 10, 2015, tAGS: nginx, shell-script, here's a small command that uses awk, sort and uniq to see the number of requests made to an nginx server, aggregated by ip, and sorted by the number of requests made. Tail -n 300000 /var/log/nginx/access.

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    Dat was een welkome verademing ik hoorde aan het einde van de dag dat je tussendoor met mate fruit en groente mag eten, dus dat was een verrassing. Sla en. Ik kon ook weer een broek aan die normaal iets te strak zat, en ik heb echt de tijd genomen om te genieten van mijn lunch. Sla deze lekkere en verantwoorde tussendoortjes dus gerust in!

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    Dag 2, ik merkte dat het vandaag al ietsjes minder zwaar was dan gister. 527 calorieën, in. Heel fijn dat op feestjes ook rauwkost wordt geserveerd, dus ik had wel stiekem wat wortel en komkommer gegeten. Beknopte versie oke, heel verhaal, knap als je het allemaal gelezen hebt.

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    Hier vind je overigens wat het allemaal inhoudt en waar het van gemaakt. Fijngehakte bieslook/ 115. Ik houd wel van een flinke uitdaging. Aangezien ik vrijwel altijd last heb van onrustige darmen werd ik dus nieuwsgierig naar een Aloë vera detox en heb het pakket in ontvangst genomen.

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    Het zou je verbazen hoe scherp je soms kunt zijn als je vast. 3 miljoen keer naar de wc geweest vandaag (dat kan frustrerend zijn) maar als je in gedachten houdt dat je gifstoffen aan het kwijtraken bent, zijn die 3 miljoen tripjes de moeite waard. Ik had vroeger een eetbui-stoornis en het heeft me heel veel moeite gekost om de balans terug te krijgen in mijn eetpatroon.

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